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Digital Millennium Copyright Act is Under Fire by Major Stars

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Copyright Infringement Reform

According to this Bloomberg BNA article, when it comes to copyright infringement, pop star Taylor Swift won’t “Shake It Off.”

About 160 high-profile artists—like Swift, Paul McCartney and Carole King—and music labels are publicly calling for reform to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which regulates online copyrights, Billboard reported June 20.

Intellectual Property Law

Haile Shaw & Pfaffenberger Intellectual Property Attorney Leslie C. Adams says the push by these artists is not surprising. Copyright law dates back further than the signing of the U.S. Constitution before the Internet and YouTube were even a thought. As technology continues to evolve, its relationship with copyright law is going to continue to be a moving target and reform will continue to be necessary to balance the rights of the entertainment industry, businesses and fans.

Read the entire Bloomberg BNA article here.

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