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Video Recording Police in Florida – Is it Legal?

recording police

Recording Police

While most people are quick to use their smartphones recording police and the actions of ordinary citizens, few Floridians know that in the Sunshine State, you may be breaking the law. The question is – Is it legal to film police?

Law on Filming Police

The recording of police falls into a legal gray area. When audio is involved, Florida law requires consent of the people being recorded wherever they have a reasonable expectation of privacy,” notes the Tampa Bay Times in a review of the issues involved.

“The state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union firmly believes a police officer conducting public business in a public area cannot have such an expectation. But without a court ruling offering clear guidance, the organization says, investigators and judges decide on a case-by-case basis if recorders are invading officers’ privacy.”

The questions arise because Florida is one of nine states that require both parties to consent to a recording.

You can read the entire Tampa Bay Times story here.

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