Can your nonprofit board vote by email? Does your volunteer board understand their fiduciary responsibility? Are the nonprofit’s governing documents up-to-date? What are the laws concerning use of donations?

Florida is a hub for many local, national and international nonprofit organizations. Our Nonprofit Team is experienced in working with all types of exempt organizations enabling us to assist with legal, business and governance issues.

Whether you are creating a new nonprofit or are a well-established one, a public charity, association or a private foundation, our Nonprofit Team can provide you with the guidance needed to help you meet your strategic mission and goals.

Serving as outside council, our Nonprofit Team can assist with a broad range of governance and other matters such as business and donor agreements, reviewing commercial co-venture agreements, joints ventures and strategic partnerships, nonprofit mergers, bond financing and other complex transactions.

We can even answer that email voting question.

Team Members

Philip M. DiComo


Brad Jankowski


Ellen Laird Regnery



Nonprofit Formation

Application for Tax-exemption

Board Duties and Governance

Bond Financing

Bylaws and Policy Creation and Review

Commercial Co-Venture Agreements

Conflict of Interest Policies, Management and Counsel

Expenditure Responsibility

Intellectual Property Protection

Exempt Law Compliance

Related and Unrelated Business Activities

Private Foundation Rules

Supporting Organization Formation

Mergers and Acquisitions

Social Enterprise

Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures